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Nya, hin und wieder mach ich da so tollige Tests, und da ich grad Lust hab, ne Zusatzsite zu eröffnen, kommt das halt hier rein xD

Btw, damit keine Missverständnisse aufkommn: Ich mach gern Quizze, die eigentlich nua für Mädchen sind... XD

Alsuh, der erste iz von Typentest.de und stimmt sogar grösstenteils o_Ô

IPLS - HANDWERKER - Gehört zur Gruppe der Aktionisten

►Agiert Introvertiert
►Denkt Praktisch
►Entscheidet Logisch
►Lebt Spontan

Eigenschaften Neugierig, abenteuerlich, sachlich, spontan, logisch, praktisch, entschlossen, selbstständig, zurückhaltend, analytisch, optimistisch, individualistisch, ,kühl, ruhig, verschlossen, direkt

Beschreibung IPLS Handwerker beschäftigen sich am liebsten mit physischen Dingen:
Sie sind ruhig, realistisch, direkt und impulsiv. Sie wirken distanziert und beobachten gerne. Essentiell für sie ist, für den Moment zu leben, und herauszufinden wie die Welt um sie herum funktioniert.

"Die Welt ist voller interessanter Dinge"

Wie Formel-1 Rennfahrer Michael Schuhmacher haben sie einen hohen Bewegungsdrang sowie große physische Energie. Um ihr starkes Bedürfnis nach Action und Abwechslung zu befriedigen, verhalten sie sich oft abenteuerlich und nahezu furchtlos. Neugierig wie sie sind, nehmen sie stets Informationen über die Dinge um sie herum auf, und sind daran interessiert wie sie funktionieren, was Comedian Mr. Bean auf amüsante Weise demonstriert. Wie er sind sie sozial zurückhaltend, verschlossen, und stehen nur gerne im Rampenlicht, wenn sie damit Kompetenz in ihrem Gebiet zeigen können. Sie sind sehr unabhängig und eigensinnig, und handeln entschlossen nach ihrer inneren Logik. Oft machen sie ihr Hobby, das einsetzen von Gerätschaften und physischem Einsatz, zum Beruf.

Man könnte diesen Typ auch "Sportler" nennen.

IPLS sind mit ca. 6% in der Bevölkerung durchschnittlich stark vertreten. Es gibt mehr männliche wie weibliche IPLS.

Bevorzugte Berufe für IPLS Handwerker: Bauarbeiter, Buchhalter, Handwerker, Ingenieur, Fahrer, Feuerwehrmann, Landwirt, Mechaniker, Pilot, Polizist, Sanitäter, Schreiner, Sportler, Techniker, uvm.

Beste Partner: IPLS-Handwerker, EPLS-Macher

Fiktive Beispiele für IPLS Handwerker:
Al Bundy ( Serienfigur )

Prominente Beispiele für IPLS Handwerker:
Michael Schuhmacher ( Formel 1 - Pilot )
Muhammed Ali ( Boxer )
Wayne Gretzky ( Eishockey Legende)
Rowan Atkinson ( Comedian, Mr. Bean )
Angelina Jolie ( Schauspielerin )
Johnny Depp ( Schauspieler )
Harvey Keitel ( Schauspieler )
John Malkovich ( Schauspieler )

What colour is your soul? (by Quizilla)

Your soul is Grey! You are a loner by nature and like to stay that way. You don't really have that many friends, but that's only because not a lot of people know you. Once you open up you very kind and interesting. You are not nessissarily lonely, because you love solitude, but you wouldn't mind having someone to talk to now and then.

People are drawn to:
your serene aura

People are pushed away by:
your silence

"There are no weapons stronger than words. They hit faster than a speeding bullet, with more force than a battering ram, and never fail to hit the heart."

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

What are you feeling inside? (by Quizzilla)

Your feeling is depressed...

You always seem to be depressed and cry easily. You are a bit (ok, more than a bit) over emotional and are too sensitive. You rarely smile, and when you do, it's very weak... your eyes always seem to be misty and though others have tried to console you of your sorrow in the past, no one can seem to get through to you that there's more to life than being sad. No no one seems to hang around you anymore which makes you feel worse, and you feel as you're loved by no one except maybe your family. People might see you as the "girl who doesn't talk to anyone", and you may be sort of a loner, but that doesn't mean you want to be. What hurts you is people being mean and even though you might not get it that often, since you're so sensitive it still makes you deal with pain. You're not a leader and are usually the person who stands alone, does what she's supposed to do and nothing else.

What kind of magic should you use? (by Quizzilla)


Ability: Balance is usually shown by the old way of holding a pendulum over a flame. You then ask a question that can be answered with yes or no and then spin the pendulum. If it keeps rotating, it means no. If it goes back and forth, it means yes. This method is not only used by professional gypsies but also by normal teenagers and children in parties since the path is so simple. Balance is used in the belief that for one thing to be there has to be the opposite of it too. For there to be heat, there is cold. For there to be love, there is pain. For there to be life, there is death. There's also the belief in life choosing your path. Whatever happens is chosen by life. The conclusion to all of it is unknown but when you wish for something the world usually always tries its hardest to make it true.

Personality: Like the abilities say, you believe in the balance and opposites. Also in life choosing what is going to happen. This moral could leave you empty handed though and living a life without you being able to make your own decisions. Don't be too afraid. Life is full of chances and if you don't use them, you'll never enjoy life. You must be religious though.

Best copable with: Dreams

What would you look like if you were anime?

You have black hair, and you are prob. the guy all the girls want. but you are a little picky on what type of girl you want to date. [WTF?]

What kind of angel are you? (by Quizzilla)

You are a normal angel. You're a guardian angel or just died child or teenager and you're on earth because you're loved one's here..

What angel are you? (by Quizzilla)

name: mitsukai kansei
means: tranquil angel

you are an angel of peace. you can't abide fighting and you enjoy the arts, like music, drawing, writing, and things like that. you are innocent, and enjoy your friends and family to no extent. i wish i was more like you. [Isses normal, dass ich so grundverschiedene Antworten erhalt? xD]

What angel shall you become when you die? (by Quizzilla)

~Mysterious Angel~

The angel that you shall become a mysterious angel, which means you have a very mysterious exterior. Many people do not know what you are like because you don't talk to them. In other words, you are not a social person. You enjoy quiet evenings to yourself most likely. You are quite the unique one and tend to know an answer to any question; which means you are intelligent obviously. Your soul is one that none other could match, and it will always be that way. Calm and a bit serious, you sometimes do not know what to do in hard situations and pile things up for yourself, since you never ask for advice from anyone.

People see you as...
Different and a loner.

Your element is: Rain

Colors: Dark purple and light purple
Your wings: misty and a see-through white

What element represents your fighting style? (by Quizzilla)

Your element is water. You have great focus and use an overly defensive style of fighting, using your opponent's strength to throw them off balance. You have a low attack power, however, which makes your battles last a long time if you last that long. Your greatest foe would be the element of earth.

Which elemental fairy are you? (by Quizzilla)

Your A DARK Fairy!!!
As an elemental shadow of a dark fairy, your characteristics mimic those of the eeriness of the darkness itself. You tend to be malicious and spiteful to others. Your hatred for everything that lives in the light feeds your appetite for evil. You are the silence in the deserted alley and the eyes in the tree at night. You live in the night, and stalk your prey like a cat does a mouse. Those around you fear you but linger in hopes you will lead them to silhouette of life. You are silent, and peculiar. Your abnormality keeps your image stained in the minds of your acquaintances. Your vampiric nature keeps you from the vibrancies of happiness and drags you down into the quicksand of despair. [Binsh mia sicher, dass das immer maine Ergebnisse sind? xD
Sh mein, so verschiedn, wie die sind... o_ô]

Which Mystic Race are you? (by Quizzilla)

You are the mystical race of the Nekori-kou. (cat-humans). you are elegent and daring. You are also very swift. If people call you a name, you will hunt them down. You like to hide in the shadows and get people when they're not looking. You're feisty!

Where does your fear lie? (by Quizzilla)

your fear lies in: making friends
You are a loner because you think people will push you away and be mean to you.

What Color is Your Soul? (by Quizzilla)

The color of your soul is Blue. You are calm, even in the most dangerous times. Your element is water. Water has many qualities. Sometimes it's calm and still, and other times it is a devastating tital wave. So put it this way, you could be as quiet as a kitten at times, or you could be a pissed off tiger roaring at everyone you see. Also with your element being water, I would believe you love to swim. Probably the closest people around you are your friends because you can trust them with anything. But if a friend spills all of your secrets to everyone you always plan revenge. But most of the time you like to be alone.
[Iz ja eigentlich nur für Mädchen das Quiz, stimmt aber eher als so manches, bei dem ich auch 'zugelassen' bin. XD]

What is your Anime personality like?

You are a Drak and Distant person. You enjoy the dark and like to be alone. You have a few friends that are just like you and enjoy sitting in the dark with you. You are a care free girl who is not really afraid of anything. Some people think you are pretty cool, but cold in some ways. You love to eat once in a while, but only eat meals insted of snacks. you love going to dark places or places you can be yourself at. Like the movies, An ally, a Dance Club,or A Skate Park. ect. A lot of hot Punk guys like you for your bad ass attuide and your care free self. You Have a crush here and there but, you dont enjoy to be the center of attion of have any spot light in you. At all. You Enjoy to be Evil and cool and Dark and thats just you!

Your part in the War between all mythical creatures

You are a fallen angel. You wallow on earth in sorrow,and you kill in hopes you will be slain. People fear the empty heartedness in your eyes when you take their life.. Though, you are a romantic.
[Muahaha~a! xD]

a couple thingy quiz thing...

your love is romantic and stuff. you'll be loving every moment u get together.. ^-^
[Ahaha, das passt ja auch so zu meinen bisherigen Ergebnissen... xD]

What death does your personality fit?

Your sad heart shows that the death that fits you is to drown in the ocean. In everyone lies something special and a perpose. You haven't found it yet, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Maybe someone can show you how special you are. So don't distance yourself from other people and let people become your friends.

What Tarot Card are You? (Girl’s version)

X The Wheel of Fortune- you feel lost right now. Things seem like they'll never get better. They will! New challanges are coming, and you have what it takes to face them. Advice- keep trying. Make good out of a bad situation.

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